Fjeldstad & Partners
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Creating top performance business cultures

Welcome to Fjeldstad & Partners, an international business training company based in Oslo, Norway. 

We help companies build top performing business cultures. We teach leadership and communications and help organizations in the area of behavior change, empowering beliefs and in building more effective business cultures.

Fjeldstad & Partners was founded by Amund Fjeldstad in 2007; Amund came from one of the world’s most respected consulting companies Gartner Group where he was leading the organization in Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), responsible for running the business in 33 countries.
Fjeldstad & Partners have continually researched and refined the concepts, techniques and methodologies that we find most helpful in achieving superior business results. The centerpiece of our methodology of success is the presupposition that under all business and organizational drivers there are human drivers, which are always stronger. To be successful in business leaders must understand and influence these drivers both in themselves and in others. 

Our area of expertise is business challenges that process and systems improvement will not fix. We help you become more influential and leave limiting thinking behind. We do this by applying trainings and change programs that are proven in real business situations in different geographies through years. We only teach what we have done ourselves and seen produce results. 

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